Damara is a sparsely populated kingdom in the Cold Lands of Northeast Faerûn. It’s fortunes have waned over the years under the control of House Winters. As of 1479 DR, is was ruled by King Yarin Frostmantle, considered by many to be a petty, incompetent, and oppressive tyrant.

Capital: Heliogabalus
Government: Monarchy (King)
Population: 1 million (87% Humans, 6% Dwarves, 4% Halflings, 2% Half-Orcs, 1% Other)
Imports: Food, Livestock, & Wood
Exports: Gems, Gold, Iron, & Silver
Alignments: Lawful Neutral, (True) Neutral, & Neutral Evil

Major Geographic Areas


The Earthwood forest is a small forest known for its resilience, with trees growing back extremely quickly. Wood elves called the forest home until driven out in 1432 DR.


The Galena Mountains is a jagged range of icy mountains that is largely inhabited by goblinoids and giants, but is also home to dwarves who mine the bloodstone, iron and silver deposits. Bloodstone Pass is the only pass through the Galena Mountains that is large enough for significant trade, linking Damara with neighboring Vaasa to the west.


The people of Damara are generally hardy, and the winters are harsh. During the summer, the farming season is short.


From its earliest days, Damara has been divided into counties ruled by noble houses but united under the throne of Damara. These provinces are baronies, or city states, with craftsmen and trade centers, and duchies, or supply provinces, with farming and mining communities. These counties include: the Duchy of Arcata, the Duchy of Bloodstone, the Duchy of Brandiar, the Duchy of Carmathan, the Barony of Morov, the Barony of Ostel, the Barony of Polten, and the Duchy of Soravia.


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