Exiles of Damara

Chapter 6B - Castle Naerytar

Investigating the castle

Having arrived in the care of the lizardfolk, they learn a little more about their situation. The cult rules the castle and that is where the lizardfolk leave the treasure. Although the lizardfolk have no conflict with the “dragon kneelers”, they are upset at the presence of the arrogant bullywugs who push others around. Snapjaw suggests they talk to the lizarfolk assigned to guard within about retaking the castle. A surprise appearance by Jamna reveals she has been scouting the area; security is lax but still exists and their best bet is to use disguise or sneak in. Luca and Clara debate for a while, before deciding to stow away with a new shipment of treasure during the night.

Making it inside, hidden within boxes, the duo not-so-stealthily leave their hiding places… and are confronted by a drake guarding the room. They dispatch the beast and hide its body then assess their surroundings; they discover a great hall that is being used both for dining and for sorting the treasure. Luca cannot help himself and pockets a large bag of loot (the remainder from previous sortings) before they decide to investigate the rest of the castle.

Crossing the empty courtyard at night, they discover a barracks (full of foul bullywugs who pay the two no heed), a stable (with some sort of creatures in stalls), a forge (empty), and eventually the quarters of the lizardfolk. There they learn about the lord of the manor, a high-ranking high elf cultist called Dralmorrer Borngray. Luca uses the rumors about the “Wizard of Winter” to convince them to aid him: if the lizardfolk bring back reinforcements by dawn, he and Clara will have this leader killed.

As the scout heads off to gather the tribe, Luca and Clara continue to investigate the castle. They look into a dilapidated tower that is now used for refuse, which ends up with Luca fighting for his life as a water weird tries to drown him. Eventually stopping the beast, he has to clean himself from sewage before climbing further into the dangerous structure. Luca falls back down into the muck during the exploration and is nearly discovered by cultists who have heard the commotion (saved only by luck and magic). They discover an old chest that is locked and heavy and a door to an upper room. When Luca opens it, a cold blast and a fearful sense of something “off” makes him shut the door immediately. The two decide to leave the chest and head back down on their mission.

Entering the central keep, where the “elf lord” lives, they find a much nicer, cleaner experience. Checking the lower levels, Clara find that the Red Wizard Azbara Jos has been staying there. Luca is less lucky as he awkwardly stumbles upon Borngray in the study and has to make up lies to cover for his presence. Although somewhat convincing, Borngray decides to escort Luca to the rest of the cultists to check his story, but spots Clara and battle ensues. Despite his power, Luca and Clara assassinate the lord at record speed and hide his body upstairs. Further investigation finds little they can deal with at the moment, including a locked chest and an upper observatory with strange equipment and guarded by gargoyles.

As the duo head out, they realize dawn is upon them. They try to check back into the great hall they started but are confronted by skeptical cultists. Although Luca tries to bluff their way, claiming to be an escort to Clara (who is wearing Red Wizard robes), things go south when several cultists decide to bring this to Borngray. Before they reach the keep where the elf’s body (unknowingly lay) there is a commotion from the main courtyard. Luca, Clara, and the cultists head there to find a stand-off between lizardfolk and bullywugs. The lizarfolk call out in Draconic, asking the “Wizard of Winter” if the task is done. Now full of confidence, Luca proclaims it as so and that the time has come. At those words, a full scale battle begins…



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