Exiles of Damara

Chapter 6B - Castle Naerytar
Investigating the castle

Having arrived in the care of the lizardfolk, they learn a little more about their situation. The cult rules the castle and that is where the lizardfolk leave the treasure. Although the lizardfolk have no conflict with the “dragon kneelers”, they are upset at the presence of the arrogant bullywugs who push others around. Snapjaw suggests they talk to the lizarfolk assigned to guard within about retaking the castle. A surprise appearance by Jamna reveals she has been scouting the area; security is lax but still exists and their best bet is to use disguise or sneak in. Luca and Clara debate for a while, before deciding to stow away with a new shipment of treasure during the night.

Making it inside, hidden within boxes, the duo not-so-stealthily leave their hiding places… and are confronted by a drake guarding the room. They dispatch the beast and hide its body then assess their surroundings; they discover a great hall that is being used both for dining and for sorting the treasure. Luca cannot help himself and pockets a large bag of loot (the remainder from previous sortings) before they decide to investigate the rest of the castle.

Crossing the empty courtyard at night, they discover a barracks (full of foul bullywugs who pay the two no heed), a stable (with some sort of creatures in stalls), a forge (empty), and eventually the quarters of the lizardfolk. There they learn about the lord of the manor, a high-ranking high elf cultist called Dralmorrer Borngray. Luca uses the rumors about the “Wizard of Winter” to convince them to aid him: if the lizardfolk bring back reinforcements by dawn, he and Clara will have this leader killed.

As the scout heads off to gather the tribe, Luca and Clara continue to investigate the castle. They look into a dilapidated tower that is now used for refuse, which ends up with Luca fighting for his life as a water weird tries to drown him. Eventually stopping the beast, he has to clean himself from sewage before climbing further into the dangerous structure. Luca falls back down into the muck during the exploration and is nearly discovered by cultists who have heard the commotion (saved only by luck and magic). They discover an old chest that is locked and heavy and a door to an upper room. When Luca opens it, a cold blast and a fearful sense of something “off” makes him shut the door immediately. The two decide to leave the chest and head back down on their mission.

Entering the central keep, where the “elf lord” lives, they find a much nicer, cleaner experience. Checking the lower levels, Clara find that the Red Wizard Azbara Jos has been staying there. Luca is less lucky as he awkwardly stumbles upon Borngray in the study and has to make up lies to cover for his presence. Although somewhat convincing, Borngray decides to escort Luca to the rest of the cultists to check his story, but spots Clara and battle ensues. Despite his power, Luca and Clara assassinate the lord at record speed and hide his body upstairs. Further investigation finds little they can deal with at the moment, including a locked chest and an upper observatory with strange equipment and guarded by gargoyles.

As the duo head out, they realize dawn is upon them. They try to check back into the great hall they started but are confronted by skeptical cultists. Although Luca tries to bluff their way, claiming to be an escort to Clara (who is wearing Red Wizard robes), things go south when several cultists decide to bring this to Borngray. Before they reach the keep where the elf’s body (unknowingly lay) there is a commotion from the main courtyard. Luca, Clara, and the cultists head there to find a stand-off between lizardfolk and bullywugs. The lizarfolk call out in Draconic, asking the “Wizard of Winter” if the task is done. Now full of confidence, Luca proclaims it as so and that the time has come. At those words, a full scale battle begins…

Chapter 6A - Castle Naerytar
A foray into the Mere of the Dead Men

The three decide to follow their quarry and end up trudging through the swamp for hours. An hour or so before dawn, they encounter a pair of lights like bobbing lanterns in the distance. A sleet storm cast in that direction seems to have no effect and the lights approach them. Hiding, the group watches as the lights disappear… then reappear far on the other side of them and the trail. Luca decides to follow, with Clara and Jamna in tow, but begins to grow suspicious of the lights. When Clara fails to follow them through the trees, falling into the muck below, Luca errs on the side of caution and suggests they head back. Luckily, Clara is able to find their way through the swamp back to the trail as Luca was lost!

As dawn breaks, the group finds a camp in good repair albeit empty. They eat some of the food left behind and take some time to rest their eyes. As they discuss continuing their journey deeper into the swamp, Clara spots canoes approaching and everyone hides. They watch from the edges as a group of lizardfolk settle in to the camp for the evening; when the three adventurers decide to leave it is Luca who trips and alerts the reptilian hunters. They surround Luca, who is acting belligerent toward them and questioning them in Draconic. When Clara not-so-gracefully lands nearby, she is almost surrounded before Luca calls forth an icy storm that sends the lizardfolk (and herself) to their knees. Forcing the leader to answer a few questions, Clara, Luca, and Jamna then escape in a canoe and continue on the watery path.

Although seemingly out of danger, all three soon find themselves under attack by wild life. Feeling something hit the boat and deciding to test the waters, Luca is nearly bitten by a crocodile… and retorts by punching it hard in its eye. Soon the group is under attack by a trio of the beasts, nearly pulled into the water when Jamna decides to abandon them and disappear off to safety. Clara quickly slaughters the creatures and saves a now pissed-off Luca.

As they are approaching the end of the path, they once more encounter the leader of the lizardfolk hunting party they met… a creature known as Snapjaw. In awe of Luca’s power, he admits that he heard rumors of a “Wizard of Winter” who showed kindness on a member of his clan in the past week. Snapjaw believes Luca can rid them of a problem: his people work for the cult, but have lost much of their land to the bullywugs who also deal with the dragon worshippers. He leads them to some guards who were hiding and tries to convince them of his plan; at first, they don’t agree, but when Luca speaks the lizardfolk’s own tongue they agree there may be hope.

Snapjaw leads them into the small village set outside the Castle Naerytar, where the cult has set up. Warming themselves up on a longhouse, they begin to formulate a plan with the lizardfolk…

Chapter 5 - Construction Ahead
The duo follow the Cult north into further danger

Upon arriving at Waterdeep, Luca and Clara only have a brief moment’s respite. The cultists leave almost immediately, disappearing north into the city; Jamna gives the two a knowing glance before following. The friends say their goodbyes to the rest of the caravan, especially Selvek, and arrange to meet with their Harper contact later. They spend the day stocking up on supplies, with Clara upgrading her armor and Luca finally agreeing to give her elf friend the magical bow they found on their journey.

Heading north, they run into Jamna who explains what she’s found about the cult; they are gathering in a warehouse with other cult wagons. After a bumbling attempt at spying, Luca and Clara instead decide to visit with their contact. There they discover that Rezmir was spotted a tenday prior and left with a heavy contingent of mounted guards northward. Their contact explains how the northern road used to travel to Neverwinter before that city was nearly destroyed by a volcano. Now that Neverwinter has rebuilt, the road needs to be repaired so trade can continue. Caravans carrying construction supplies are heading to an outpost near the Mere of Dead Men and it appears the cultists are hiding their treasure among this group.

Once more (and reluctantly), Luca and Clara don their disguise and hire themselves out as guards. They discover Jamna among the other hired guards and exchange a few remarks (and jabs) before continuing on. The caravan journey is far quicker than before, only lasting about 10 days. Mostly, the duo experience goodwill from most (because of their good reputation from the previous caravan) but also dirty looks from the cult wagons (who still hold them responsible for their own misfortunes).

The caravan finds itself under attack by a band of orcs, joined by a lone ogre. Using his powers of the mind, Luca convinces the ogre that his “friends need a better vantage point” and that he should “pick orcs up and hold them in the air so they can see.” At first this turn of events is confusing, and somewhat amusing, until Clara kills the orc being held… and the ogre doesn’t drop him. When another orc drops from the elf’s arrows, the ogre picks that one up too and is soon standing there… holding two dead orcs so his “friends can see”. The caravan looks in horror, confusion, and pity as the ogre remains where he is, Luca assuring them he’ll come to his senses hours later.

Later there is an attack by savage lizardfolk, out to take whatever metal goods they can take from the other species. Luca conjures forth a sleet storm that keeps the lizardfolk off their feet and stumbling while Clara picks them off with her bow. When most are defeated and one tries to escape, Luca comes upon and speaks to it in its own tongue. Finding little threat, he decides to show mercy and lets the creature escape.

Finally within sight of the Mere of the Dead Men, the caravan isn’t quite to the outpost before they are attacked by giant frogs. Clara proves her worth as her twin blades cut through the gargantuan amphibians, even rescuing a slime-covered Luca who had been wrapped in frog tongues for much of the battle. Cleaning up, they find themselves at the outpost at the old Carnath Roadhouse.

Luca and Clara settle in for the evening, meeting the gruff superintendent and exploring their temporary living quarters. They observe the cultists pushing their gear into a secure room behind the dry storage warehouse. Jamna joins them in their observations as they look around. Unfortunately, Luca ends up in a conflict with one of the cultists… a member of the original caravan who still blames Luca for the death of his friend. Luca holds his tongue as best he can, even as the cultist lobs insult and slur against the androgynous character. When mud is slung (quite literally) as Luca turns his back, he’s had enough; a frost bolt flies into the cultist’s face and swords are drawn. Before blood can be shed, though, Luca makes a magical suggestion; while everyone observes, the cultist yells out an embarrassing tale about his relationship with a donkey before running off to sleep. Feeling vindicated, Luca grins and heads off to his own room.

Jamna greets the two and suggests they check out the locked room during the dead of night. They sneak over and, while Jamna works on the lock, Luca hears voices inside speaking Draconic. He whispers to the others that there were words like “hurry”, “bring”, and “castle” giving them pause. They decide to continue and just as they open the door they hear the sound of something close and dead silence. Investigating the room, they eventually find many of the crates missing and a trap door. Gear in hand, they decide to follow and eventually find themselves outside and at a trailhead leading into the mere.

Chapter 4D - On the Road
The end of the two month-long caravan

23rd of Eleint through 21st of Marpenoth

A wary duo continue their journey northward, Luca recovering from the previous trauma and Clara doing her best to keep spirits up. Within days they find themselves defending a golden stag hunted by several greedy members of the caravan. Their behavior earns the ire of a couple, but they find themselves face-to-face with the beast… and it talks. The stag reassures them and gives them a prophecy, saying “they must continue following the river of gold until they reach the castle in the sky” and warning that their path will be filled with hardship and blood. Magically, a magnificent, Elven longbow appears from the underbrush before them and before they can see the stag has disappeared. Luca greedily holds onto the longbow despite her lack of skill, with Clara a bit disappointed.

Along the way the group begin to befriend new arrivals that had joined at the crossroads. Of particular interest is Selvek Serelim, a Deaf moon elf riding with his brother on their way north. As Luca flirts through sign, they continue to deal with the hardships and encounters of the road. Ettercaps drive giant spiders to assault the caravan, hoping to carry off horses in the confusion; Luca and Clara do their best to defeat the arachnid-like monsters. In addition, one of the Cultist wagons breaks a wheel and spills some of its cargo… providing the duo with confirmation the Cult is smuggling their loot (before being driven off and warned of speaking about what they’ve seen).

A stop at the The Way Inn during a stormy, cold night causes further problems. Luca and Clara head inside to find the place nearly empty, except for the staff and a couple of aristocrats dining quietly. No matter how much they offer for the rooms, the owner claims they are sold out and the two upper-class individuals mock the duo. Confronting them, Luca uses his magic to convince them to share the rooms, garnering more influence among the caravan for his deeds. Later that evening, however, the friends experience the consequences of their actions. The two aristocrats turn out to be assassin’s in disguise, apparently angry as they realize they have been ensorcelled. Clara is cut down and nearly dies before Luca channels her powers to cause one assassin to kill his compatriot; as the sorcerer’s cries are answered, the other assassin leaps from the window and disappears into the night. Clara is barely stabilized and nursed through the night, while Luca searches the assassin’s rooms… and discovers the Fire Knives once more behind this.

Adding another wagon at the Inn to their number, the caravan continues north as Clara recovers. One stormy day, a field of unnatural mushrooms continually grows and blocks their ways. They attempt to cut their way through the giant fungi, but they emit noises like people moaning in pain. One by one the guards are driven to depression and nightmares by the sound, with only Luca able to mentally steel herself and help clear a way. At Daggerford, the caravan switches again, with two new suspicious passengers joining: Azabara Jos, a quiet human man always wearing a wool cap with ear and neck flaps who joins the Cultist wagons… and Jamna Gleamsilver, a roguish gnome woman in all black who seems to be casing everyone.

As the caravan finishes out out its last few days, the duo find themselves embroiled in social disputes. A greedy merchant tries his best to buy Luca’s magic bow to the point of being overbearing; a thief uses the argument to steal the bow, sowing conflict before being caught. The adventurers also catch Jamna watching them (and others) suspiciously, and they confront her; Luca flashes her Harper’s pendant and the gnome reveals her own recognition. Later, the rogue seemingly saves the adventurers from a poisoned breakfast before explaining that she knows about the Cult and their loot; Jamna claims to be an ally and that Azbara is one of the dreaded Red Wizards of Thay. The gnome warns them to be careful and to keep their eyes open as they approach Waterdeep.

Shortly before the end of their journey, a commotion breaks out as one of the Cult wagon guards is found murdered. The suspicious Cult members immediately accuse Luca, but their words fall on deaf ears as the adventurers have more than earned the support of the rest of the caravan. Luca counters as he brings up the presence of treasure hidden among the crates and the presence of a Red Wizard; the Cultists back off but the look on their face shows that Luca has earned the enmity of these particular acolytes.

Finally, Waterdeep appears on the horizon and the two friends are elated at a chance to rest up… but also wonder just how deep they’ve gotten themselves.

Chapter 4C - On the Road
The start of a two month-long caravan

1st through 22nd of Eleint

Luca and Clara find themselves traveling with a large caravan of many different trades and people. They note the presence of three wagons apparently driven by the Cult, all of whom are stand-offish and don’t intermingle. The rest include a motley crew of merchants, guards, and teamsters who make the journey more interesting than it should be.

Problems arise within a few days, as a group of adventurers is taken on and Luca and Clara find their contracts revoked and reduced to unpaid passengers on the journey. On top of this, they find two of the other travelers attempt to assassinate them in the middle of the night. The would-be murderers are defeated, but the dirty looks from the Cult wagons suggests these “travelers” might have been associates of theirs. An attack by a few perytons puts the duo back into the good graces, as the “adventurers” who replaced them turned out to be fakes and disappeared during the battle. Rehired after an apology and applauded for their skills at protecting the caravan, they begin to build friendships.

The adventurers rescue a broken wagon under attack by goblins, briefly meeting a noble and his inept guards. At the ruins of Trollclaw Ford, the caravan takes on a traveler, a charismatic, attractive man who entertains the group with stories and songs… and stirs feelings in Luca for loves long lost. They are also joined by the noble they had saved, who proves to be far less thankful than most would think. As the journey continues, Luca confronts the noble over mistreatment of his horses, ending in a showdown of wills that the exiled prince eventually wins. Further along they discover a man buried alive who claims to be in that state because of his infidelity; instead, they discover he is a Harper who was on a similar mission but was discovered by his targets and left as a warning.

As the journey reaches a midpoint, the young traveler from before continues his gregarious ways. Clara is too reserved to give in to his seduction but Luca has a different reaction. Responding at first, Luca is suddenly stirred by memories from his past and withdraws. The tumultuous emotions come to a peak one evening, when Luca sees a familiar face from his past wandering through the woods… a face long since dead. Approaching the vision near tears, he is suddenly set upon by the truth behind it all: a doppleganger. Luca is nearly knocked out and barely gets away, fleeing and calling for help. Clara’s elf ears pick up the commotion and she rushes to his rescue, helping to defeat the monstrosity. As it dies, they see it revert through a couple of forms, including the attractive traveler they’d picked up at the ruins.

They return to the night’s camp, Luca withdrawn and refusing to speak about the turmoil he is experiencing. Clara wonders what trauma her associate has been through and tries her best to comfort him. The caravan stops at a crossroads, with several groups heading off to the east and new ones joining the journey north. A small meal is all that marks the passing of Highharvesttide before they continue on their way…

Chapter 4B - On the Road
The journey to Baldur's Gate

18th through 30th of Eleasis

Luca and Clara, after a night of revelry, meet up with Leosin and Ontharr and find the mood has changed. The paladin and monk are part of a larger union of leaders and scholars along the Sword Coast who are organizing against the Cult of the Dragon. Leosin represents the Harpers whereas Ontharr is a member of the Order of the Gauntlet; a third group, the Emerald Enclave, has representatives elsewhere. These organizations, while different, are united in their common goal to defeat the Cult of the Dragon and their nefarious schemes. They invite the two adventurers to not only assist in their goals but to join their individual orders, if they so wish. Clara readily agrees, convincing Luca of the good they can do but cinches the deal with the mention of treasure. Ontharr gladly inducts Clara into the Order of the Gauntlet while Luca reluctantly dons a Harper’s pendant.

Thanks to the map and other information the adventurers discovered, they now know the cult is amassing treasure and shipping it north (although the cannot say why). Luca and Clara are to travel to Baldur’s Gate before the Cult’s wagons arrive. There they are to go undercover and join the caravan the Cult uses as guards, the better to follow the treasure and determine its final location and use. The journey will take quite a while, with several days travel to Baldur’s Gate, time spent waiting there for the Cult’s arrival, and a two months-long caravan ride to the destination of Waterdeep. There is little time for goodbyes as the two friends head to the docks and catch a sailing vessel for the three-day journey down the River Chionthar.

After an uneventful trip, the duo arrive at Baldur’s Gate and take in a city even greater than the one they left. They spend time meeting up with Ontharr’s contact who directs them toward those hiring caravan guards. There they discover they are a week early and thus have time to relax and replenish supplies. The two take this time to investigate the strange symbol they found on the bandits; a journey into the seedier parts of the city and greased palms brings a name: the Fire Knives. The presence of these assassin’s for unknown reasons worries Clara, but Luca hides some sort of recognition of the name. To break the mood, the duo search out Timmy at a local college, where Luca continues to flirt and explain himself… but is met with ambivalence before they are parted.

Eventually, the group is contacted by Ontharr’s associate that the Cult has arrived. Rezmir and her bodyguards have purchased wagons to drive unknown cargo north and are joining a larger caravan. Luca and Clara negotiate their hiring as basic guards, assigned to a passenger wagon, and say their goodbyes to the city as they start the arduous journey through farmlands and wilderness.

Chapter 4A - On the Road
The journey to Elturel

12th through 17th of Eleasis

After an evening in Greenest, Luca and Clara wake and prepare for their journey north. The entire town greets them with delight and respect and the Governor informs them that Leosin bought horses and riding gear for their journey. The two friends say their goodbyes, disappointed that Timmy had already left town, and begin the 200 mile trip.

Expecting an uneventful trip, a pack of hungry wolves starts a downward trend in luck. Their third night they are caught in a thunderstorm and desperately look for shelter. They find a seemingly abandoned farmhouse, but discover evidence of someone (or something) residing there. Before they can stealthily escape, they encounter an ogre who had settled in the area. As usual, Clara easily sneaks off but Luca alerts the monster and a chase ensues, with the prince trapped in the monster’s huge hands. Clara readies herself to spring to the rescue, only to see Luca flirt with the ogre and use his magics to convince his release.

Clara shows no end to her ridicule over Luca’s flirtatious escape, but their levity is brought to a halt. With only a days journey left, they notice someone on a hilltop apparently shadowing them. That evening they are set upon by bandits seemingly out to rob at random. No match for the duo, they discover a half-burned piece of paper with a strange symbol on the leader. Although neither claims to recognize it, there is a momentary flash in Luca’s eyes at its sight.

Finally arriving at Elturel, the adventurers settle into the fine city and immediately ask around for Leosin. Upon finding no knowledge of that name they decide to query about an Ontharr Frume and are immediately directed to the well-known tavern, “A Pair of Black Antlers”. There they are greeted by a jovial Frume in the midst of libations who invites them to participate. Luca and Clara enjoy a night of good company, including Clara sparring with Ontharr (and impressing him), plenty of drinking, and some attempts by Luca to bring Clara male attention. Sadly the latter fails as Clara vomits on her would-be companion after too many drinks, and they stumble off into the city.

Luca finds the finest establishment only to be rebuffed, not only at his own somewhat disheveled appearance but also the presence of a slovenly and drunk Clara. Not one to be denied his demands, Luca slips a scroll from his satchel that indicates his pedigree and soon finds himself waited on even into the wee hours of the morning. By the time Clara has awoken, there is food aplenty, new fine clothes, and a reverent attitude from the staff.

The two enjoy a moments respite, before they are approached by a young squire who gives them a message from Ontharr Frume.

Chapter 3 - Dragon Hatchery
A return to the camp to look for more clues

11th of Eleasis

Luca and Clara take a few days to rest as Leosin regains his strength from his ordeal. Upon recovery, he fills them in on some vital information…

  • The Cult of the Dragon is obsessed with raising the mother of dragons, Tiamat, and brining her forth into Faerûn.
  • The Cult is raiding far and wide to collect treasure in their quest, although what they intend to do with it is unknown.
  • The local leader is Frulam Mondath, who is managing operations in the Greenfields. Her champion is Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, her right-hand champion, a half-dragon with a rigid sense of honor but full of wrath.
  • A half-black dragon named Rezmir ranks over everyone and seems to be coordinating operations. She set up the camp and assigned Mondath to daily operations.
  • Leosin holds some special interest to Rezmir, but he doesn’t know why.

Leosin suggests the adventurers return to the camp and try to investigate the cave. Not only is it a dragon hatchery but the stolen treasure is supposedly stored in there. In the meantime, he is heading north to meet up with Ontharr Frume, a paladin and ally. Once Luca and Clara have finished their investigation, they should meet up with him and Ontharr at Elturel.

The friends say their goodbyes, particularly to Timmy (who is leaving to train in wizardry in Baldur’s Gate), and return to the campsite as stealthily as possible, only to find the majority of the camp abandoned. A couple of hunters remain to trade food with the few denizens in the cave, but everyone else left shortly after the characters’ escape with wagons full of crates. Luca and Clara warily enter the cave to see who or what is left behind.

The novice dungeoneers encounter a variety of conflict, with cultists and kobolds the least of their worry. They encounter strange fungi, vicious stirges, and a few troglodytes, not to mention a variety of traps. Eventually they stumble upon a shrine to Tiamat and the half-dragon Cyanwrath. A vicious fight breaks out, but the adventurers are victorious and assess the area, discovering some small bit of loot left in honor of the “mother of dragons”.

Finding a secret pathway, they find themselves entering the private quarters of none other than Frulam Mondath. Taken a bit by surprise, she openly mocks them before attempting to cast her dark magics on them. Clara leaps forward and the sound of combat draws guards from a nearby room; Luca haphazardly throws furniture in an attempt to delay them as her elf-friend defeats the dark cleric. After the last cultist drops, Luca takes an important map from Mondath’s desk and then both friends raid the room, including some clothing and finery.

Winded and wounded, Luca and Clara decide to return to Greenest; exhausted, they never think about the mention of a “dragon hatchery” somewhere in the complex cave system. Instead, they head back and return stolen goods to the grateful townsfolk… well, Luca returns some of them.

There is barely time to rest before they must head on their way to meet up with Leosin in Elturel.

Chapter 2: Raiders' Camp
An investigation and revenge on the attackers

7th of Eleasis

Clara rests through the night and the next morning the two find a town thankful for their assistance. The Governor warily asks them for more help, offering to pay if they can find the raiders’ camp and bring back any information on their strength, motive, and the stolen valuables. Clara’s good nature takes the best of her and she readily agrees, but Luca is more interested in the dragon and payment. (Not to mention, Luca’s flirtations with Timmy, who is unaware of the sorcerer’s androgynous nature.)

As the friends leave they encounter an injured young monk. He was in town with his master Leosin Erlanthar, journeying from Berdusk and the great library at Candlekeep, where Leosin was investigating ancient writings on dragon folklore and dragon cults. Leosin went missing during the attack, and Nesim is worried that his master might have tried to infiltrate the group and been caught. As the two are heading that way anyway, the apprentice simply requests they keep an eye out.

Following the obvious tracks, Luca and Clara have no problem finding the raiders. They first encounter a small group of kobolds and humans. Stealth fails them and the two find themselves in a skirmish, but eventually defeat the group. They find little information except mention of a “great hoard to honor the Dragon Queen.”

The two try to travel further but accidentally run into a rearguard, who approach the adventurers. After the rather bloody end to their first encounter, Luca and Clara run off, with two raiders chasing afterwards. Clara uses her elf-ways to blend into the foliage leaving Luca as a decoy (albeit unknowingly). Before she can be caught, Clara flanks those in pursuit and the two defeat their pursuers. Deciding on prudence, the duo dons the outfits of these raiders, skirts the camp of the rearguard who wonder where their associates went, and head into the camp.

Upon finding the camp, the adventurers find both celebration and preparation alike. They bluff their way past the negligent guards and the camps of kobolds and into the main area of activity. Confused over their identities, the two even find themselves roped into work detail, including the cooking tent. There, Luca and Clara discover the raiders are members of the Cult of the Dragon, an ancient and evil organization devoted to the worship of dracoliches. In addition, the robes they’ve stolen denote some form of rank over the younger initiates. Using their new found “authority”, the friends discover a few clues…

  • The Cult is working towards “Tiamat’s Glory”
  • Not everyone there belongs to the Cult. They have also hired a number of mercenaries and hunters to assist with the camp and raiding.
  • No one likes the kobolds and they’re only there because of their fanatical devotion to dragons.
  • The Cult maintains a dragon hatchery in a cave that is heavily guarded and off-limits, under orders from Mondath and Cyanwrath.
  • Prisoners taken are used as slave labor until they die. The dead are said to be hauled into the cave as food for any hatchlings.

After some interrogation and silliness at the expense of the initiates, the frivolity ends. They find the lost monk Leosin tied to a stake and try to save him. Unfortunately, they are also recognized and immediately chased. Although Luca’s powers of suggestion and Clara’s agility nearly allow them to escape, they are caught and brought before the leaders. There they are confronted by the dark cleric Frulam Mondath, a ranking member of the Cult, and her right-hand champion, the half-blue dragon Cyanwrath. Recognizing Clara as the defender Cyanwrath bested, they tie the two up next to Leosin to be executed the next day.

In the middle of the night, Leosin helps them break free and the two begin to sneak off. They discover a tent of prisoners taken from Greenest and both Clara and Leosin overrule Luca in their demand to free them. Their attempt is interrupted by two guards but Luca uses his powers to put them under his sway. The guards help the group escape, only returning to camp and breaking the spell long after the adventurers are gone.

Upon returning to Greenest, they are greeted with a heroes welcome but many more questions…

Chapter 1: Greenest in Flames
Our duo stumble across a town in trouble

6th of Eleasis

Walking through the Greenfields as dusk falls, Luca and Clara hear the bells of a town in trouble and see a town in flames in the distance. Rushing closer they hear the sounds of battle and see a fearsome sight: a dragon flies overhead.

The two head into town and an unknown group, mostly humans and kobolds, is attacking the town in unison with the raiders. Saving some innocents and fighting their way to the central keep, they meet the town’s leader, Governor Nighthill. They request the aid of the adventurers in helping save the town, but before they can do much the keep comes under attack. As Luca and Clara defend the sally port from an onslaught of robed figures and kobolds, they are assisted by a meek young man… the aspiring wizard Timmy.

Their first impressions are interrupted by the presence of the Blue Dragon laying waste to guards on the walls. Luca heads to the parapet, finding no fear in the face of this foe, and begins questioning the dragon in its own language. While distracted, Clara perches nearby readying her crossbow. Although seemingly amused by Luca’s knowledge of Draconic, its attention returns to its assault and Luca and Clara open fire. Although they never harm the beast, it seemingly grows annoyed and flies off, leaving the raiders on their own.

Once the keep is secure, the two begin to help the Governor save the town. Discovering an old tunnel (and its rat denizens), they sneak out into the night using stealth and guile to help the townsfolk. They prevent the raiders from burning the mill and help people trapped in a nearby temple about to be burned. Their work does not go unnoticed, though, and eventually the raiders surround the keep and call the adventurers out.

A fearsome half-blue dragon holds a family hostage and demands a champion fight him or the innocents will be executed. Luca holds back but Clara, despite her better judgment, steps forth to defend everyone. Although she seems like she’s a match for a brief moment, the half-dragon cuts her down and leaves her lying there dying. True to their word, the raiders release the hostages and leave the town carrying their loot. Luca runs to Clara and she is carried in, where the townsfolk assure her recovery.


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